Academic Adventures sessions take place every Wednesday from 2:30 to 6:00pm.  Certified teachers work with our students in both large and small-group settings in order to create an environment in which group members are motivated to learn, and can enjoy being around their peers.  Sessions typically have a desirable 1:6 Teacher-Student ratio (or lower) which allows us to ensure every student is getting the first-hand instruction which helps them learn most efficiently. Our lessons aim to fortify the academic capacity of our students by covering a wide range of topics including Math and Reading in order to better equip our students to carry out their daily activities independently, as well as help them reach their future academic goals.  These sessions are tentatively reserved for students aged 16 years and up. 

          We have recently incorporated technology into our curriculum to teach our students how technology can be useful in our daily lives.  This class is specifically designed to expand our students' technological abilities in order to help them communicate with others, stay organized and engage in productive activities.

     Each year culminates with a production in which students are able to showcase their abilities.  Displaying the skills that they have worked hard to develop throughout the year is an important factor in our students' academic careers.  Our first two productions, "Twelve Angry Pigs" and "Cornfield of Dreams" were big hits with our families and friends!  Stay tuned for more information about our next play.

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